Design & Build

InterPhase Electrical Specialties Inc provides Design & Build services with our in-house team of electrical engineers and contractors to provide Existing Condition Surveys, Power Distribution, and other services.

Electrical Engineering

Our Engineering services include Future Load Growth & Planning, Existing Load Capacity Analysis, Electrical Energy Audits, Lighting Design and Economic Analysis, Voltage Drop and Motor Starting Dip Analysis, Overcurrent Device Coordination Studies, Harmonic Monitoring & Attenuation, Power Factor Correction Studies and Computer Aided Design & Drafting.


Our construction electrical engineering services include planning and installation of high-voltage systems for commercial or industrial projects, preparing high-voltage systems for delivering power and low-voltage applications for preparing Ethernet and fiber-optic lines.  We work closely with architects and designers to incorporate electrical elements and prepare blueprints.

Preventative Maintenance

Our team of electrical engineers offers preventative and predicative maintenance with Infrared Thermography, Transient Surge/Spike Monitoring and Analysis, and other specialties.

Technical Services

We offer electrical engineering technical services on various components including Controls & Automation, Low Voltage Systems, Fire System Testing, Power Systems and Circuit Breaking Testing.

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