Electrical Engineering for Pre-Construction and Construction Services

Our construction electrical engineering services include planning and installation of high-voltage systems for commercial or industrial projects, preparing high-voltage systems for delivering power and low-voltage applications for preparing Ethernet and fiber-optic lines.  We work closely with general contractors, architects and designers to incorporate electrical elements and prepare blueprints.

We work closely with general contractors on our phases of the commercial, industrial or institutional projects including designing, building, installing, and the maintenance of electrical systems and equipment.  While working on a pre-construction or construction site, our engineers’ main oversee the project’s progress, develop progress reports, and resolve issues and adjust plans accordingly.

Our services include: signal processing and power generation to transmission and distribution applications, instrumentation, computer engineering, direct and oversee electrical engineering projects at construction sites, resolve issues, and ensure that work is completed according to specifications.

Our Electrical Engineering Processes

  • 1. Designing Electrical Design

    Interphase Electricals’ engineers will design systems for commercial, industrial and institutional projects including high-voltage systems for delivering power and low-voltage applications such as Ethernet and fiber-optic lines. We work closely with architects and general contractors, preparing blueprints and diagrams that show how electrical elements will be incorporated into their design.

  • 2. Developing Cost Estimates

    Interphase Electrical develops accurate cost estimates for material and labor shortly after the construction planning process, with estimates of manpower needed, work timelines and materials list. Our construction services provides customers with a single point of contact for all phases of a project:  from estimation and pre-construction to engineering, construction, and build out. We will work closely with the general contractor to ensure the project stays within budget.

  • 3. Project Direction & Team Management

    We oversee our team of engineers, as well as the project’s contractors and subcontractors to direct the progress, answer questions, ensure sufficient power needs and compliance with current electrical codes. Our engineers are onsite to implement their design and plans in the construction and installation process.

  • 4. Resolving Electrical Issues or Responding to Plan Changes

    When things don’t go as planned or existing electrical plans are no longer viable, our engineers are onsite to resolve any issues or problems that may arise. We work with general contractors to develop required power configurations revisions when needed for a design change or practical concerns. Whatever the situation that arises, we work quickly to revise a plan and prevent delays.

  • 5. Conducting System Tests

    Throughout the installation and construction, our engineers will perform periodic system tests on electrical systems and devices to ensure optimal energy distribution. The data provided by these tests help us resolve issues early on before they become bigger issues. We also check to ensure all the work completed is up to local and national electrical code, provides the safe operation of all equipment and devices, and distribution of accurate power delivery.

Construction & Pre-Construction Services

  • High & Low Voltage Systems
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Generators
  • Wiring Systems
  • Signal Processing
  • Communication Systems Design & Installation
  • Lighting Systems Design & Installation
  • Alarm Systems Design & Installation
  • Power System Design & Installation
  • Lightning Protection System Design & Installation
  • Ground System Design & Installation
  • Instrumentation & Control Systems Design & Installation