Electrical Engineering Preventative Maintenance

Our team of electrical engineers offers preventative and predicative maintenance with Infrared Thermography, Transient Surge/Spike Monitoring and Analysis, and other specialties.  Our comprehensive preventive maintenance program is the best way to predict equipment failure and costly repairs. We offer regular maintenance programs that are designed to detect failure before they happen and prevent equipment shutdowns.

When it comes to electrical equipment failures, regular checks of the systems efficiency and energy distribution, we can save you costs from downtime as well as improve the health and safety of your staff, reducing hazards and work accidents. We can customize or PM packages to meet the needs of our commercial or industrial customers.

Preventative Maintenance Processes

  • 1. Thermal Imaging Surveys

    Interphase Electrical utilizes thermal imaging to detect excess heat in electrical components, detect loose connections, corroded elements, short circuits, overloaded circuits and busway-joint analysis. The survey can be carried out while the system is under a full load with no impact to operations.

  • 2. Preventative Maintenance

    Interphase Electrical offers PM programs at regular intervals to reduce non-planned failures or unnecessary downtime, by providing inspection, testing, monitoring and replacing all electrical parts as needed, to keep systems working efficiently.

  • 3. Predictive Maintenance

    Regular Predictive Maintenance on electrical systems lets our engineering team detect and correct problems before they can shut down equipment or production lines or cause a safety incident. The monitoring of equipment conditions provides trending data to help anticipate future maintenance needs.

  • 4. Corrective Maintenance

    Our team will perform surveys and inspections to identify, isolate, and repair any system failures to restore the system as quickly as possible.

Preventative Maintenance Services

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Predicative Maintenance
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Transient Surge/Spike Monitoring & Analysis
  • Backup Generator Services
  • In-Service Load Readings
  • NERC Compliance
  • Offline Electrical Testing
  • Revenue Meter Calibration
  • Online Partial Discharge Analysis