Commercial & Industrial Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design, develop, test and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment, such as electric motors, radar and navigation systems, communications systems and power generation equipment. Interphase Electricals’ engineers has 25 years of  experience crafting competitive bid and design/build MEP designs for varied industries including commercial, medical, retail, institutional, industrial, and large residential projects.

Our team of in-house electrical engineers, technical staff and electrical contractors provide a higher level of technical skills and services for our customers, eliminating 90% of our competition who only provide limited services.

Our electrical engineering services also help you keep your systems efficient, reliable, safe, and up-to-date.  From complete design and installation projects to periodic inspection and test work, Interphase Electrical has the resources and expertise to plan, design, manage and commission a wide range of commercial and industrial projects.

Our Electrical Engineering Processes

  • 1. Electrical Design

    Interphase Electrical can produce detailed cable schematics, loop diagrams and schedules, CAD drawings and GA of the layout and equipment associated with design. These documentations enable a full breakdown of the project so we can meet with our client and keep updated on progress, and communicate further design requirements.

  • 2. Site Survey & Inspection

    Interphase Electrical offers site surveys for initial project proposals and scopes of work requirements.  An electrical site survey will determine a precise location, best access for the site, and the location of obstacles that may hinder the project, as well as exact requirements to support an energy efficiency project’s execution and validation

  • 3. Wiring & Cable Tracing

    Wire tracing services can help to make your repair or improvement more efficient and completed faster. Knowing the location of wiring can help you to prevent issues including electrical interference and overloading of circuits. Cable schedules are performed to determine cable type, voltage, size, location, core number and route length for repair, maintenance or improvement.

  • 4. Portable Appliance Testing & Installation Certficates

    We can provide and Electrical Installation Certificate for a recent electrical installation, addition of new circuits or recent repair, to prove the safety of the design, construction and testing of your electrical system.

    Likewise, a PAT (portable appliance testing) keeps your business or organization in strict compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act. Regular maintenance, inspection and testing ensure that you and your employees are safe from accidents caused by faulty or poorly-maintained appliances.

  • 5. Electrical Installations

    Interphase Electrical has the ability to design, construct, install and maintain projects with high and medium voltage systems, including switchgear, motor control centers, industrial plants, institutional environments including hospitals and universities. Our engineers are qualified to install electrical equipment from low voltage 230V and 400V isolators to high voltage systems up to 11KV.

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Future Load Growth & Planning
  • Existing Load Capacity Analysis
  • Electrical Energy Audits
  • Lighting Design and Economic Analysis
  • Voltage Drop and Motor Starting Dip Analysis
  • Overcurrent Device Coordination Studies
  • Harmonic Monitoring & Attenuation
  • Power Factor Correction Studies
  • Computer Aided Design & Drafting.